TV Hackday 2016

5. & 6. Nov – AR meets AI



24 Hours

of pure creativity, focused on innovation in the online video space in order to create something that has never existed before. For creatives, tinkerers, inventors, tech geeks, storytellers, design junkies and strategists alike!

5. & 6. Nov 2016 @ HIIG


At TV Hackday, we’ll hack the future of TV. Creatives, developers, designers, concepters and TV Stations alike will work together to do remixes, apps, hacks or the next TV Set. Anything goes as long as it is a TV related project that can be done in 24 hours. 


TV offers a lot of possibilities to hack and with some brand new APIs that will be made public for the first time we'll have the opportunity to create something new & exciting. 

Besides having a fun two days, we will demo the resulting hacks on Sunday afternoon to participants, a jury and anyone else interested. The demos will be live steamed. Also there will be prizes!1!


Developers, creatives, storytellers, designers, techies, strategists, producers, concepters and TV Fanatics! In short, everyone who loves TV and wants to make it even better.


TV Hackday is an event by Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg.


Alexander von Humboldt Institut für Internet und Gesellschaft
Französische Straße 9
10117 Berlin, Germany



05.11. 10am –  

06.11.  5pm



Please note our Code of Conduct for the Event.


Before you register please note two things.

  1. The fee is a no show fee. This means if you book your ticket you will be charged 15 € but you will get it back when you show up to the event. So effectively you will only pay the fee if you do not show up. Hopefully the fee makes planning more reliable for us. 

  2. Hack with new friends. TV Hackday is about meeting and working with new people. We want to further improve this experience. Therefore we offer teambuilding right from signup. If you want to work alongside new friends check this option and we will create teams (using our secret sauce) and put you in contact with your teammates before the event.  

In case the registration is down, you can contact us by E-Mail or go to Eventbrite


TV Hackday 2016 is hosted by mabb

TV Hackday 2016 is hosted by mabb


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